Around the village

The village has numerous features of interest including the foreshore and piers, restaurants and food shops, beautifully decorated churches, seafront bars, and gift shops.

Bike rides

There are are several bike routes around Sarteneja from a half mile to 9 miles.

Shipstern Nature Reserve, only 4 miles  from Sarteneja, is the flagship of biodiversity conservation in the Sartenejan Region. Shipstern Nature Reserve is world renowned for conserving one of the last areas of the most threatened forest type in Central America; semi-deciduous tropical rainforest. Shipstern Nature Reserve covers an area of more than 11’000 hectares (ca. 27’000 acres) and is home to all five cat species found in Belize, Baird’s tapir, toucans, and almost 300 species of birds. Accomodation is available at Shipstern.

Mayan Sites

Pyramids and ball court - there is a pyramid and courtyard complex 1 km south of Sartenaja that has been cleared but not archeologically explored. In the adjacent area there is evidence of the surrounding buildings and several Maya wells.

B'alam Ja Way (Jaguar Water Spirit) - B'alam Ja Way is the home of "Sustainability for Sarteneja" and is centered in a Maya village complex surrounding a cenote. Features are a large Maya mound of pottery and sand dug from the cenote and the ruins of the village surrounding the cenote. The sustainability center itself features an energy and materials efficient house, a range of local crops, and is a mecca for local wildlife, particularly butterflies and humming and other birds.

Bat Cave -