The best landscaping is achieved by categorising the area into components dependent on projected use. These components may overlap, and be selected to use the minimum of materials imported to the landscape. To maximise value time dependent factors like the immediate planting of trees and future constructions need consideration. A flexible but methodical approach will enable the development a unique and beautiful human environment.

We envisage ceremonies to the Jaguar Spirit involving water on the large Mayan mound projecting into the cenote.

B'alam Ja Way has a cenote surrounded by Maya constructions including a large mound of pottery shards with material dredged by the Maya from the cenote, and Maya walls, houses, caves, and possibly bathing sites.

There are six primary landscaping components on B'alam Ja Way; 1) constructions, 2) horticultural areas, 3) Forest, 3) Palm forest, 4) Mayan caves, 5) Mayan mound, and 5) the cenote.