Images taken from the gatehouse. (click on image for enlargement)

None of the trees and plants are more than 3 years old except for the old coconuts and a few native trees.

The success of the landscaping is due to the use of permaculture techniques with almost no fertiliser and no pesticide usage.

This panaorama is taken in January and the climate is cool for Belize about 80F during the day and 70F at night. The plants have survived one of the wettest, wet seasons in history with 3 times normal rainfall in 1993. I am just finishing the last of the plantings before the dry season begins in March



 SE with property boundary on left

   S toward cenote
SSW toward Maya mound with old coconut trees. The poinciana tree (Queen of the tropics becuase of its beautiful flowers) mid center, mid back is 12 foot tall and 16 in spread. There are many poincianas on B'lalam Ja Way and they flower at the smae time as a spectacular yellow native tree aboundant on B'alam Ja Way.   SW with north end of Maya mound. The Maya mound is 120 x 90 foot in area. Its origin and function are unknown
West toward horticultural areas. The leafy tree between the coconuts is a mamay one of the most delicious tropical fruits.   NW. The tall thin mahogony trees on the right are about 16 feet high in 3 years.
North boundary with the road to Sarteneja.   Opposite property where a variety fo fruit and orchard crops are grown.