Our home facility Balam Ja Way includes a one acre aguada largely covered with red mangroves. With its seasonal flooding during the wet the aguada provides prime habitat for amphibians, reptiles and birds. During the dry season it is used for water by mammals as large as tapir and peccaries.  

With its flooding during the first heavy rains of the wet season in May-June it becomes prime habitat for the many species of frogs and toads found in the area. This event and ongoing breeding events until the end of the wet season in February provides a perfect opportunity to research and asses the amphibian community.

About half of the circumferance of the aguada is accessible by a path along its shore. We propose to complete this nature walk by constructing a board walk across the southern part of the aguada. We will plan and test a unique design using the mangrove roots for support. This will not only create a unique nature experince but also reduce the material requiremens and costs for the board walk.

The center of the aguada has a permanent pond and we will skirt this as a focus for bird watching during the dry seaon. Many birds rely on this pond for water.

We have introduced three species of mosquito eating fish to the aguada. These not only demonstrate their efficiency in mosquito control but also provide food for water birds, especially as the aguada mainly dries at the end of the wet season.