We are affiliated with the Sarteneja Tilapia Growers and Development Association (STGDA) as a major regional aquaculture project.  The STGDA project to farm tilapia in concert with hydroponic horticulture offers a major opportunity to embed sustainable management in industrialised aquaculture and hydropomic vegetable production to cycle nutrients. This project has established an 8,000 watt solar array to provide power and is now relocating to a 30 acre site opposite a large cenote.

Internet training

Sustainability for Sarteneja will use three websites managed by Sustainability America for Computer and Internet training, web development, and marketing and demographic analysis; , and 

Sustainability America provides facilities for computer and Internet training and projects through our facility at Balam Ja Way Sustainability America also provides hosting for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal website. 

Through the scientific journal website for Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal we will provide hands on training in the management, development, and analysis of a technical website. 

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Sustainability America is establishing a unique collaboration with Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal to develop Internet based training in for youth in Sarteneja. Amphibian and Reptile Conservation journal continues to grow in publications, web visits, and social networking sites.

Through the corporate website for Corporate Comfort Ltd. we will povide training in the management, development, and analysis of a commercial website.

 Corporate Comfort   

Corporate Comfort Ltd. is a Belize Registered Company with Belizean Directors.

Corporate Comfort Ltd. specialises in products or services that provide sustainable economic, cultural, and environmental development. Corporate Comfort Ltd. supports Sustainability for Sarteneja through donations, sharing real estate data and information, and assistance in commercial dealings.