"Sustainability is providing for human emotional, cultural, and economic needs for the foreseeable future including the sustainable management of natural resources"  Robert Browne, Director, Sustainability America. more


Sustainability America is building sustainability in Central America and the Caribbean. We focus on education, community development, biodiversity conservation, and a vibrant and sustainable economy.  

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Our base is at Sarteneja, Belize, where we foster sustainability from a dedicated facility with forest, Maya sites, cenote, and horticultural areas.


Sarteneja; a beautiful, peaceful, but lively coastal village of 1500 inhabitants located in the sunniest region of mainland Belize.



Our facility is at B'alam Ja Way (Maya - Jaguar Water Spirit) a 3.6 acre property located in the rainforest near Sarteneja, Belize. B'alam Ja Way supports Maya archeology, sustainable technologies, landscape design, and biodiversity conservation. 

"The gods created the face of the earth, “u wach ulew”, as a propitious place for human life with the Jaguar Spirit as its protector". Maya creation story.

B'alam Ja Way includes a cenote and large Maya mound, caves and other archeological features. 

On B'alam Ja Way we are building and landscaping to provide a beautiful and stimulating environment to support sustainability. B'alam Ja Way includes red mangrove wetlands, rainforest, different stages of forest regrowth, and a horticultural collection to provide for crop trials and for our nursery.


 Sustainability mural at school.

Above: A strong environmental consciousness is encouraged in Belize. However, to develop sustainably Belize requires Internet support, coupled with training, and education.


We offer planned projects that range through cultural liaison, website development and Internet training, biodiversity assessment, landscaping and horticulture, public relations and project development.


We are not accepting volunteers at the moment. see Sustainability Projects

CONTACT: Dr. Robert Browne, Director, B'alam Ja Way, Isla Road, Sarteneja, Belize. 

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